Steve Jobs As Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year? Google’s Marissa Mayer Thinks So.



Running against personages as variegated as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, one-time would-be veep Sarah Palin, the meat-dress-wearing Lady Gaga, the abstract avatar of the Unemployed American and the vitamin B deficient Chilean Miners, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is up for Time Magazine’s 2010 Person of the Year… and there’s one person who thinks he should get it: Google’s own button-cute vice president, Marissa Mayer.

During last night’s Person of the Year Panel, Marissa Mayer explained why she would choose Steve Jobs.

“I think if you look at what he’s done for the world in terms of popularizing the personal computer, the iPod, iTunes, iPad, his vision, his focus on users, I think when I look at what it does for Silicon Valley it raises all of our standards in terms of focus on the user,” she said.”

“Wen you look at the amazing story of American entrepreneurism, [Steve Jobs]ounded this company, left this company, came back to this company and this year he’s had this huge success with the iPad and now Apple’s market cap is the highest of any technology company. I think it’s one of the highest market cap companies in the world. It’s an unbelievable story.”

“I think it’s unbelievable that he hasn’t gotten it already,” Mayer added. We couldn’t agree more. Go vote now.