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The iPad Stand from Pendle Products is Stylish, Multifunctional, and as Strong as Steel [Review]


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After the success of its stunning, minimalist laptop stands, U.K.-based Pendle Products has turned its talents to the iPad, and has produced a stand that boasts a functional, stylish design, that helps you to make the most of your tablet device.

Whether you’re watching a film, typing up a document, or you’d just like to show off your holiday snaps on your coffee table, the iPad stand from Pendle will let you do it all.

What Is It?

The Pendle iPad stand is made of super-strong, laser cut steel, that offers a solid, stable surface, on which to place your iPad. It’s multifunctional and lets you quickly and easily switch between an inclined or reclined position by simply changing the way in which the stand is connected to the base. Because of its silver coated steel structure, the Pendle stand looks great alongside both your iPad and your Mac.

Why It’s Good

The Pendle iPad stand is incredibly strong and sturdy! Because it’s made of steel, this baby isn’t going to bend, chip, or break as easily as other iPad stands you might find. Although it’s made of steel, don’t worry about it causing any damage to your delicate iPad – protective rubber rests on the back, and plastic supports at the bottom of the stand, ensure your iPad sits nicely just above the steel, without making any contact.

The Pendle stand is stylish, and will look smart and sophisticated alongside the aluminum Macs on your desk, or subtly showing off your photos on your living room shelf. It’s sleek and relatively lightweight, and doesn’t take up too much space.

It’s really simple to change the Pendle stand between inclined and reclined positions – simply unscrew the two plastic supports at the base of the stand to release the sheet of steel that your iPad sits on. Then turn the base around, slide the pieces back together, and screw the supports back in again. Simple!

Although it may look like it in the photos, the black plastic supports that keep your iPad from slipping off the stand don’t actually get in the way whilst you’re typing. I managed to type up most of this review using my iPad in the reclined position on the stand, and the screw-in supports weren’t an issue. The Pendle stand also allows you to easily access all of the buttons, and the dock connector on your iPad, in either position.

Because you can loosen the supports at the base, this stand will comfortably take your iPad in pretty much any case. Just don’t forget to tighten them up again, or you’ll find the base falls of when you pick the stand up by its handle!

Why It’s Bad

Although it’s light enough to move around your home, the Pendle stand is a little too heavy to be lugging around in a backpack, and because it doesn’t fold away like other stands, it’s also too bulky to slip in and out of your bag.

The screw in supports really are quick and easy to use, but they will screw off all the way and detach from the stand completely – those of us who aren’t very organized could lose them over time.


The Pendle iPad stand isn’t at all ideal for traveling, however, it is fantastic for use around the home and the office. It’s multifunctional, sturdy, and stylish and I’d recommend it for watching movies, typing up large documents, and as a substitute for Apple’s slightly expensive dock connector.

The iPad stand from Pendle Products is priced at £29.99 (approx. $48) plus shipping.

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