CultofMac’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide for Men


Steve Santa

We know you like to shop. We know you like gear. And we know there’s a honking big holiday season coming up.

Over the past year or so, we’ve run across some drool-worthy gear we think would make perfect gifts for the holidays, and in the spirit of holiday sharing, we whipped up this handy guide you can print out, laminate, and take with you while out foraging (come to think of it, laminating can be expensive. Maybe just put it in a binder).

Our first section is all about the guys. Scientists have determined there are five main categories of men to shop for, and we’ve got them all covered with gifts in this first installment of our 2010 Holiday Gift Guide. Just click on the images titles below for gift ideas in that category. Shoppers, start your engines!

The Treehugger

The Businessman

The Metrosexual

The Gadget Geek

The Outdoorsman