Modded iMac Now Brews Cappuccino


The iMac Coffee Maker, with optional milk frother.

If you liked the idea of an iMac G3 coffee maker but held off spending a few hundred dollars because it only made coffee: listen up. Now you can make your morning cappuccino with it.

It’s the handiwork of Klaus Diebel at Kiwidee, who, not content to have made an subwoofer-amped stereo system with an iMac as well as the coffee maker, kept on DIYing.

The result? The iMac Coffee Edition was fitted with an injector system and a milk frother was added, so now it can make cappuccino.

Diebel has also made a iMac A/V Edition turns the iMac into an iPhone/iPod/ iPad – Movie and a Sound Dock with HDMI out + Bluetooth.

The 54-year-old Diebel, who has been modding everything from bikes to windsurf boards since his teens, also worked up an HD Media player from a Mac  mini and the SubCube 2.1 sound system featuring iPod/iPhone Dock + Bluetooth from a cube.

The iMac coffee machine will set you back about €400 plus the cost of the iMac, which runs between €30 and 150 (circa $40 – $211).

I’m a tad obsessive about my coffee drinks, but I’d be willing to tinker with it to reach my preferred foam-to-milk ratio for the pleasure of brewing it out of one of my favorite Macs.

Via Kiwidee