LaCie Will Bring USB 3.0 To Your Mac Even If Apple Won’t


usb_3.0 (2)

Apple’s not ready to throw their hat into the USB 3.0 ring just yet. As Steve Jobs made abundantly clear in an email last week, Cupertino’s doesn’t see USB 3.0 taking off, at least until Intel starts officially supporting it… and evidence suggests that Apple might avoid USB 3.0 entirely in favor of Light Peak.

But what if you want USB 3.0 on your Mac now? Well, Apple’s not serving up official drivers yet, but LaCie’s stepping up to fill the void: they’ve just announced USB 3.0 drivers for their line of solutions.

To get USB 3.0 on your Mac, first you’ll need to buy one of LaCie’s cards: either a $49.99 USB 3.0 PCI Express Card or the $59.99 USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34, both of which will bring a couple of USB 3.0 (and backwards compatible USB 2.0) ports to your Mac Pro or MacBook. Then install the free driver and you’re ready to pick yourself up one of those blindingly flash USB 3.0 external drives that are all the rage right now.

Not a bad solution for Mac Pros, but ExpressCards can be fairly irritating to have hanging out of a MacBook, and obviously this won’t help you if you’ve got a MacBook Air, Mac mini or iMac. Still, if you’re committed to being on the cutting edge, LaCie’s happy to take your cash and make it happen.

  • Ted Wachholz

    why won’t it work with an imac?

  • tinhoang

    I think it will on on the iMac but at USB 2.0 speeds.  If you want the full USB 3.0 speed, you’ll have to use that PCI card, which seems like a big hassle. 

    but that might be a viable option since there doesn’t seem to be any thunderbolt drives coming out soon. 

  • Maltby Mac User

    Pretty sure it won’t work on a iMac because they only offer USB 2.0 and Firewire connectivity (and thunderbolt on the new line up) The iMac does not have the ability to add PCI cards which I assume are connected directly to the motherboard.  I can see thunderbolt hub on the horizon that offers 3.0 usb, but a hub with 3.0 usb connected via a 2.0 usb won’t work as you will still be limited by the smallest “pipe on your pipeline”  

  • May Castro

    why wont it work for a macbook air?