New ‘Get a Mac’ Ads Mock Vista Again and Again



The more I try to cantankerously deny my love for Apple’s “Get a Mac” ad campaign, the more they manage to win me over. The best of a new crop posted Monday night is “Choose a Vista,” which features John “PC” Hodgman spinning a game wheel to select a version of Vista. Cries of “Big Operating System! Big Operating System! Daddy needs an upgrade!” Will stay with me for a long time. The other ads, “Genius” and “The Party’s Over” are after the jump.

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4 responses to “New ‘Get a Mac’ Ads Mock Vista Again and Again”

  1. Chuck says:

    I have not seen mention of it, but Apple has also released at least two (that I have seen) short, full motion ‘website sidebar’ ads starring Mac and PC. As we have come tp expect, they are amusing. Keep an eye out for them…

  2. Carter says:


    Guy is on the money here. Enough already.