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Apple Internal Only Info About MacBook Air Display Issues Leaked



The super slim runway model MacBook Air is the best MacBook I’ve had so far. It’s thin, light, and zippy fast for the work I need to do – like this blog post and everything I need to do while mobile so far. Unfortunately it managed to slip out of manufacturing and into our hands with a few issues.

Now there is definite proof that at least some of the video issues are related to sleep/wake and that Apple, who has been completely quiet about it – knows that the problem exists, but isn’t publicly acknowledging it.

The display problems are generally described as the screen fading from light to dark repeatedly, flickering displays,  horizontal lines of various colors, or static moving horizontal lines running from top to bottom can be fixed by closing the MacBook Air lid for 10 seconds and then opening it again.

Now BGR has published two leaked internal memos from Apple that confirm the above – which was exactly what AppleCare told me the other day. The memos describe the symptoms, the work around, and go on to state that a software update will fix these problems at some point.

Meanwhile, Apple is still mum on the issue and hasn’t responded to either of my queries for an official statement.

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