Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: “The iPad’s Not Mobile.”



Yesterday, Facebook hosted a media event to announce the company’s plans to tie local business advertising into its Places functionality, but at the Q&A following the event, CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a surprising claim: the iPad’s not mobile.

The characterization came after an attendee asked Zuckerberg when the iPad would get a native Facebook app.

The answer? Never. Facebook expects you to use the Facebook website on the iPad. And why? Because Facebook only makes app for mobile devices, and “the iPad’s not mobile… it’s a computer.”

We’re sure Steve Jobs would disagree… and after he said it, it seems like Zuckerberg realized he was risking the ire of the man himself, quickly clarifying that he wasn’t trying to be rude to Apple and that “we all love Apple products,” but that the “iPad just isn’t mobile in the same way.”

I think the iPad is certainly more mobile than even a laptop, but I have to say, Zuckerberg at least has a point about a native iPad app: while the iPhone’s screen is simply too small to use the regular Facebook site, there’s absolutely no reason not to use Facebook’s regular website on the iPad.

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    Uhh, that’s stupid and ridiculous, and I will give you a VERY good reason not to use the website on the iPad… You can’t upload images from the iPad because the device disallows access to the native file system. You HAVE TO use an app to get access to photos to upload to Facebook.

    I know this is an old thread, but I think after all this time, and with the leaked Facebook for iPad app recently discovered, it’s time for Zuckerberg to eat some crow.

  • ? Bart

    Everyone knows Facebook encourages you to use your mobile phone for Facebook because of the GPS tracking.

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    Well now the locations are integrated into the ipad app, so there is no need for Facebook to want you to use your phone. They can track your locations on your iPad and feed you localized advertisements, and use the data they collect to market advertisers in certain fields. It’s brilliant.