International Trade Commission Says Apple’s Patent Infringement Claims Against Nokia Are “Unfounded”



Apple’s patent battle with Nokia might not be going to plan for Cupertino’s lawyers: staff of the International Trade Commission have reportedly told the judge in the case that Apple’s patent allegations are “unfounded.”

The case is being heard for the first time before Judge Charles Bullock today, but as Bloomberg reports, the third-party of the ITC does not feel Apple’s patents have merit.

“he evidence will not establish a violation [of Apple’s patent rights],” ITC’s staff said in a pre-hearing memo issued yesterday. They went on to say that some aspects of Apple’s patents are invalid and others weren’t infringed at all.

Apple is looking to have all of Nokia’s US phone imports banned based upon the patent infringements being heard in the case. However, the ITC doesn’t agree: in the case the judge finds a violation, the ITC recommends that only specific models of Nokia phones should be banned.

To be honest, the patent scape in the mobile industry is a complete legal no man’s land now. Apple is suing (and being sued by) numerous competitors, but it all boils down to one thing: no one knows whether or not their patents are actually any good or not, and suing each other is the only way to find out who really owns what innovations. Apple getting dinged here isn’t actually bad news: even if they lose this suit, Apple will still walk away with a clearer picture of which of its patents are enforceable.