‘SocialPhone’ for iOS Brings Your Contacts & Social Networks to One App



SocialPhone is a brand new app for iOS that combines an impressive, full-featured address book with access to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in one handy application.

The app features an extended address book that lets you arrange your contacts – along with their pictures – in a list or grid format, and a simple ‘swipe’ over a contact reveals shortcuts for calling, emailing, and texting.

You can import contacts and update your iPhone’s address book with the latest details from Facebook and LinkedIn, or use your device’s camera to gather details from a business card. Then use the ‘contact analyzer’ to point out conflicts or missing data and help you keep a well-maintained address book.

SocialPhone give you access to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in one combined feed, or broken up by social network in dedicated feeds for each.

The social networking features also let you send status updates and pictures to multiple networks, read and post comments to Facebook and LinkedIn posts, and retweet or reply to tweets from Twitter – all from one application!

If all of the features above aren’t enough for you, how about a built-in quiz that helps you learn more about your contacts by asking you questions based on the data in your address book?

If you’d like to get your hands on SocialPhone, it’s $1.99 for a limited time in the App Store.