Geek Wedding Proposal Ingredients: Love, Friends, iPhones, MacBook Pro



Now here’s a story that wins on many fronts: after a two year courtship, Frank proposed to his girlfriend Kasey on a bridge in New York City’s Central Park.  What makes this particular proposal notable – besides its success – is that the Big Moment was assisted and captured by their friends using four synchronized iPhones, and managed by an ‘event director’ using a MacBook Pro.

Luring Kasey to the appropriate spot, a band plays her favorite song – Ben E. King’s Stand By Me – while the iCrew records the entire event.  At the chosen moment Frank, in contact with his conspirators via iPhone telecomm, rows out from under the bridge and makes his move.

Everything goes right – Kasey says Yes!, she catches the ring thrown from the water to the bridge (another big risk), and all the iGeekery works flawlessly.  Congrats to the Newly Engaged Couple!  Perhaps they can hold the wedding on the stairs at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store?

And from the Cult: Kudos to Frank for a Geek Job Well Done!

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