The Contort Hub Will Keep The Back Of Your iMac Clean and Tidy



Here at Cult of Mac, we love the crowd-sourced, gadget-creating think tank at, and their latest is a fantastic answer to the tangle of USB cables snaking out of the back of your iMac.

Quirky’s solution? A USB hub called the Controt. Essentially, it’s four USB ports drilled into a reel around which stray cables can be wound, keeping everything dangle free (with a little bit of help from four cut-out anchor points).

On the other end of the Contort is a bendy, snaking, extendable USB plug, which connects the hub to your iMac or MacBook.

It’s a gorgeous looking hub that perfectly suits the Mac aesthetic. Like Quirky’s other products, though, you can’t just buy one: instead, you need to pay $30 to pre-order one, and only when enough people have made an order will Quirky actually, you know, make the thing.

[via Gadget Lab]