Devonthink Comes To iOS With Devonthink To Go



Here’s Devonthink To Go for iPad and iPhone, and it has a lot to offer.

For starters, there’s two-way sync between desktop and mobile databases. Documents that have been edited in other apps can be “opened back” in Devonthink, which will update its database accordingly. And plain text files can be edited inside Devonthink To Go itself.

At the moment, sync is done using Bonjour across a shared wifi network – but the team at Devon Technologies promise that cloud-based sync will be on offer in future updates.

The mobile version will also honor any password-protected content that’s inside your desktop Devonthink database, asking you for the same password on the iDevice. If used alongside Devonthink Pro Office (there are several different varieties of Devonthink – this is the most feature-packed, and most expensive one), any images snapped on the mobile device will be analysed by text recognition software to make their text content searchable in future.

Devonthink To Go costs $14.99 and is a universal app that will work with suitably optimized interfaces on both iPhone and iPad. If you already use Devonthink on your desktop and have one of those devices, it sounds like a must-buy.

Some more pics: