Inside the MacBook Air’s Revolutionary New Display



As we wrote a couple days ago, the guys over at TechRestore will be happy to take your new MacBook Air and give it a matte display for just $250… but doing the dry run on the operating, they uncovered some of the MacBook Air’s secrets, and according to their CEO, the panels Apple is using in the new Airs are paper thin and absolutely breathtaking.

“It’s in layers, it’s insane,” says TechRestore CEO Shannon Jean. “I don’t think there’s ever been a screen like this used in a laptop. It’s very similar to a Sony PSP screen, where the LCD panel and backlight are separate pieces.”

Another secret of the MacBook Air? The screen’s held together with “Iron Man adhesives.” I always knew Steve Jobs and Tony Stark were in cahoots.

The full set of TechRestore breakdown shots can be found here

[via ZDNet]