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iPhone 4 Halloween Costume Gets Hefty Upgrade



Cardboard boxes just don’t cut it for John Savio. His latest iPhone Halloween costume, 10 times the size of Apple’s iconic phone,  contains a 75-pound 40″ LED LCD panel.

It took him 40 hours — crammed into a three-day maker marathon — to make this fully-functional iPhone. This latest version is an upgrade from his 2007 iPhone costume, which rocked a 37” LCD and projected a looped video of iPhone screens from an iPod.


This one works — check out the video of him above — and the news story where Savio shows off by using FaceTime. which could lead to all kinds of fun shenanigans, given the size of the screen.

He’ll have to rock the party quickly, though, or carry back up.

Unlike a real iPhone, the iPhone costume runs on a mini 12v Battery with two hours of battery life.