Your amazing iPhone photos could win you a bar of gold


first place, series, ippa
From the first-place winner in portrait series for 2019 on HIV positive youth called Young Survivors. This was shot on iPhone 8 in Kasese, Uganda.
Photo: Carol Allen Storey/iPhone Photography Awards

Do you have iPhone photos you’re proud of? They might be stunning enough to win you some Apple gear or a bar of gold.

The iPhone Photography Awards today announced a call for entries for consideration of its 13th contest.

The deadline is March 31, 2020, and the winners will be announced next summer. Click this link to enter.

The contest was established in 2008 just as the first iPhone was hitting hands across the globe and has grown at the pace of the technology that makes the iPhone camera a legitimate image-maker.

The winners from the last contest, announced in July, were selected from several thousand entries from 140 countries.

iPhone Photography Awards: follow the rules

You can view the most recent gallery of winners below. You can also look at all of the galleries of winning images since the contest began on the IPPA website.

To enter, photos need to originate from an iPhone or iPad. The images should not be previously published, though images posted to social media accounted, such as Facebook or Instagram, are eligible.

It is OK if images are edited with an iOS app, however, a picture can not be submitted if it has been altered in a desktop program, like Photoshop. Photos made with lens attachments are permitted.

The categories are: abstract, animals, architecture, children, floral, landscape lifestyle, nature, news and events, panorama, people, portrait series (three photos), still life, sunset, travel, trees and “other” (in other words, up to your interpretation).

It does cost money to enter. One image is $3.75. You can enter up to 50 images, but that will cost $125.50, according to the entry form.

The IPPA Photographer of the Year will receive an iPad Air, with the top three receiving an Apple Watch Series 3. Category winners will receive a gold bar while second- and third-place honorees win a palladium bar.