Supercell’s Rush Wars goes to the big App Store in the sky


Supercell’s Rush Wars has gone to the big App Store in the sky
You really had to rush to play this one.
Photo: Supercell

It’s easy to look at games like Clash of Clans and think that, with the right marketing budget and remorseless pushing of in-app purchases, anyone could create a money-printing mobile game powerhouse. Sadly, that’s not the case — as the sad ballad of Rush Wars makes clear.

Developed by Supercell, the company behind Clash of Clans, the game has already been pulled by its creators. It never even had the chance to exit beta.

On its website, Supercell notes that disappointing reaction to its beta version is the reason it pulled the plug.

“When we started developing Rush, the team’s goal was to make a different type of build and battle game that casual players could enjoy..
During the beta, we wanted to try out things that could change the game in different ways, to see what would happen in terms of strategy and gameplay to make it more challenging and change the dynamics.

We heard your feedback with the game feeling repetitive, and we made some changes with a few updates. However, the changes we made didn’t help the game long term nor change up the gameplay style enough to make it as fun as we would like.”

The game will continue functioning until November 30. However, Supercell turned off in-app purchases in the meantime. It’s a disappointing outcome for a game that was meant to be a fun new twist on multiplayer strategy games.

In Rush Wars, players created a base and then had to attack other players’ bases to pilfer their gold. Players then used this gold to improve their own defenses and military troops.

Goodbye Rush Wars. All your bases belong to heaven now.