Survey: Consumers Planning To Spend Less On Gadgets In 2009



More than half of consumers say they plan to spend less on gadgets in 2009, according to a survey released Monday by a research firm.

Forrester Research announced 51 percent of consumers say they plan to spend less on gadgets this year with just five percent intending to spend more this year. The findings are part of an online survey of around 5,000 U.S. residents over the age of 18.

The news could interest exhibitors at Macworld Expo 2009 and CES hoping to lure buyers with the latest gadgets.

Some 63 percent of those surveyed indicated they may not buy a smartphone, possibly impacting sales of Apple’s iPhone.

Additionally, 45 percent of consumers that took part in the survey said they may not buy a PC as soon as planned.

  • ChrisM

    This title is misleading and incorrect. 51% intend to spend less…. not a 51% drop in sales.

  • Sedulous

    “51% drop in Gadget Spending” — That was an incredible piece of percentage-of-what carelessness in the title. I almost wish it hadn’t been pointed out. A 51% drop in gadget spending is a lot more disastrous than just “spending less” and makes for a more exciting headline! (On the other hand, its good to see that bad headlines can be corrected).