Apple Store App Gets New Update Integrating It With Retail Ecosystem



The Apple Store app just got some new functionality that that will make it easier and more painless to meet with your local Genius Bar tech barista for the speedy identification of your iMac’s ills.

The Apple Store app is already excellent at allowing you to schedule an appointment with a Genius at your local Apple Store, but the update adds a new feature that will actually allow the app to recognize when you’ve wandered into the Apple Store and help pass you off to the appropriate Genius.

How does it do that? Essentially, the Apple Store app will ask you to confirm your reservation the moment you idle into the store. Once you’ve confirmed the reservation, it will show you the face of the Genius with whom you have an appointment, so you can immediately wander over and incessantly badger him or her.

Sure, it’s a small touch, but Apple’s all about the transformative effect of the small touch.

Update: As our always polite and articulate commenters note below, the original version of this post indicated the update was coming. In actuality, it’s already landed. We’ve changed the story accordingly.

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