The best drawing, streaming, recording and socializing apps this week


App roundup
Tons of creative apps this week.
Photo: Cult of Mac

This week we stream movies off USB sticks, stay safe with social networks, learn to play guitar with Apple Music, and draw pictures on virtual paper. These are the best apps and updates of the past seven days.

Paper by WeTransfer

These exquisitely designed digital journals in Paper by WeTransfer will get anyone’s creative juices flowing.
These exquisitely designed digital journals will get anyone’s creative juices flowing.
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

The latest version of Paper adds a Paper Store. Here’s Cult of Mac‘s Graham “Tiger” Bower with the details:

Despite its name, the Paper Store doesn’t actually sell paper. Instead it offers a range of 28 digital journals created by brilliant designers and illustrators. These journals are filled with creative prompts, exercises and drawing tutorials that will get your creative juices flowing. And they’re a whole lot of fun to use.

Price: Free

Download: Paper by WeTransfer from the App Store (iOS)


Custom playlists, and USB support.
Custom playlists, and USB support.
Photo: FireCore

Infuse is my favorite movie-watching app on iOS. It’s slick, reliable, streams from the web, and lets you easily watch local movies via the iOS Files app. It does subtitles, grabs artwork and metadata, and more.

And in Infuse 6.2, it gets even better. Now you can make your own custom playlists, and you can stream movies off connected USB storage. The next time a friend brings a thumb drive of movies along on vacation, you’ll be able to watch them on your iPad.

Price: Free

Download: Infuse 6 from the App Store (iOS)

Fender Songs | Guitar Chords

Chord diagrams for popular songs.
Chord diagrams for popular songs.
Photo: Fender

Fender Songs is a new app from guitar and amp legend Fender. It integrates with Apple Music, so you can play along with all your music. It also offers a catalog of songs with chord charts and lyrics.

Price: $4.99 per month

Download: Fender Songs | Guitar Chords from the App Store (iOS)

MultiTrack Recorder Plugin

MultiTrack Recorder Plugin In garageband
And here it is running inside GarageBand LOL.
Photo: Cult of Mac

MultiTrack Recorder is an iOS plugin that puts a multitrack audio recorder inside any music app that can host Audio Units.

I’ve been using it all week, and it’s amazing. You can quickly drop a full-featured multitrack recorder into any app. You can then time-stretch and edit those recordings, drag and drop in more clips from the Files app, and generally edit music like you would in GarageBand. In fact, you can even use it as a plugin inside GarageBand.

Price: $9.99

Download: MultiTrack Recorder Plugin from the App Store (iOS)

bthere: group location sharing

Bthere helps friends look out for their friends.
This app helps friends look out for their friends.
Photo: Bthere

Sponsored: bthere is a social networking app with a safety angle. It’s designed to be used by real groups of people to stay in touch, to meet up IRL, and to keep an eye on each other. To this end, users can share and see each other’s locations, and even see the battery levels of each other’s devices, so you can run to the rescue if needed.

Price: Free

Download: bthere: group location sharing from the App Store (iOS)