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Colorware Grip for iPad Shows That You’re “Holding It Wrong”



Colorware’s been doing a great job of painting the cool and latest gadgets for almost 10 years, but they’ve never actually released a product before. Colorware’s Grip for iPad is, in fact, their very first product. And props to them for it, as it’s possibly the most polished “case” for the iPad out there.

What is it?: The Grip is a case like none other; it’s a two-piece aluminum structure, made up of the handle and the frame that are firmly held together by four screws. The product comes with the necessary tools to put it together.

Honestly, when I first saw the case, the handle sticking out from the side really bothered me, but now it seems like a no-brainer (more on this later)!

What’s Good?: It’s tough, classy and ergonomic; an all-in-one! The ‘Grip’ is made from an aircraft-grade aluminum material, has a flawless fit, and can be colored to your liking. All this ensures top-notch quality.

The handle, which looked like a bad design choice at the first glance, turned out to be the greatest part about this case — carrying the awfully fragile tablet outdoors is no longer a nightmare! The grip instantly solves the problem, making it really easy to carry around — nothing groundbreaking, but one less thing to worry about. The handle is impressively ergonomic for watching movies, reading, gaming, and lots of other stuff you could do on your iPad.

The attention to detail really astonishes me on this product!

What’s Bad?: At $300, it costs an arm and a leg. For some, more than half their iPad.

Conclusion: If you don’t get this case, then you’re definitely holding your iPad wrong. However, I would rather buy some designer clothes than be taught to hold my iPad the “right way”.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]