The best travel, friend-making, and hex viewer (?!) apps this week


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This week we find new friends to hang out with, shoot video with both iPhone cameras at once, fall for yet another Facebook data-gathering app and more.

Tag: Connect with New People

Tag app lets you hook up with locals and make new friends.
Hook up with locals and make new friends.
Photo: Tag

Sponsored: Tag is like Tindr for friends. The idea is that you can meet people with shared interests, and get together to actually share those interests. You sign up, like for a dating service, and then meet people to maybe play music together, go to the movies, go for walks or just hang out. For anyone outside of school, it’s a great way to make new friends.

Price: Free

Download: Tag: Connect with New People from the App Store (iOS)

Hexer — Hex File Viewer

View and edit Hex files with Hexer.
View and edit Hex files.
Photo: Hexer

This one is a niche app for sure, but it shows how mature iOS is getting as a platform. Hexer lets you view hex files on your iPhone or iPad.

Price: $2.99

Download: Hexer — Hex File Viewer from the App Store (iOS)



With DuetCam, you can shoot video using your iPhone’s front and back cameras simultaneously. This only works thanks to new capabilities in iOS 13, and requires an iPhone XS/XR at minimum. You could use it for interviews, to record a video voiceover of whatever you’re shooting, and so on. It’d be neat to use it for gear demos on YouTube, too, but perhaps getting the phone between you and the synthesizer might prove a bit tricky.

Price: $2.99

Download: DuetCam from the App Store (iOS)

Threads from Instagram

Threads: Instagram has yet another standalone app
Instagram fields yet another standalone app.
Photo: Instagram

Threads is a new friends-only chat app from Instagram. It’s hard to say this any better than Xeni Jardin from BoingBoing:

Facebook-owned Instagram today launched a messaging app that automatically shares your status with your friends based on location, accelerometer, and battery level. The app is available on iOS and Android, is owned by Facebook, and wants to track your location and movement all the time. What could go wrong?

Price: Free

Download: Threads from Instagram from the App Store (iOS)

Tripsy 2.0: Travel Planner

Tripsy 2.0: Travel Planner: This app makes travel planning a trip.
It’s a trip.
Photo: Tripsy

Tripsy is a new travel-planning app that works as a kind of notes app, as well as taking care of all your tickets and schedules. Just add all your various travel details to the app, and it presents it in a beautiful calendar view. In fact, I’d like a plain calendar app that looked this good.

The new version of Tripsy supports multiple windows on iPadOS, as well as Dark Mode (and Sign in with Apple). If you don’t mind giving an unknown third party access to all your travel plans, this looks great.

Price: Free

Download: Tripsy: Travel Planner from the App Store (iOS)