Replace The Glass Back On Your iPhone 4 With Brushed Metal For Just $14



Before the iPhone 4, the worst that could happen to the back of your handset in a clumsy drop is a few dings or scratches, but the new iPhone’s all glass back makes the accidental spill twice as hazardous as it was before by doubling the glass surface area that can be cracked, splintered or shattered in a fall. Add antenna attenuation issues into the mix and a case becomes a better investment than before, but some people simply prefer the pristine look of an uncovered iPhone.

This iPhone 4 accessory is an interesting solution to the problem of Apple’s latest smartphone’s fragile backplate. In essence, it’s a just $14.

[via Technabob]

  • Robert Thomas

    yea sounds great before the shipping charge from china. i prefer a flat brushed metal back so my case fits. plenty of colors (i got silver) and shipped free

  • Barry_Bridge

    I like Tons of parts & accessories for iPhones (and others). First, complete front & rear assemblies for 3gs – everything but the main module – express shipped, $140, 3 days. Next, brushed aluminum black 4g back with frame ($4.29), and new 4g rear glass ($3.99 – thought to try my luck with transferring frame from broken glass, now I’ve opened it up and see what’s there… yeh, right!) plus shipping ($4.72), total $13.52, arrived in 10 days. Many shipment options.