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Intel Unveils Lower-cost Mobile Core 2 Quad


Photo: Uwe Hermann/Flickr

Intel Tuesday introduced the Q9000, a 2.53 GHz quad-core chip designed to offer a cheaper alternative for notebook manufacturers. Acer becomes the first to use the $350 chip to power a product, its $1,800 Aspire 8930G-7665 for gamers.

Unlike its bigger brothers, the Q9000 sports 6MB of cache memory – half that of Intel’s Q9100 and QX9300. Intel also offers the 2.53 GHZ P8700, 2.66 GHZ P9600 and T9550, as well as the 2.93 GHz T9800.

Apple is among a number of computer makers that will use new Intel Core 2 Quad chips created for mobile PCs. Cupertino reportedly will use the new chips for an expected refresh of its line of iMac desktops, reports suggested Monday.

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  1. advies says:

    I have one of these proc’s in my current laptop. They do go fast. They get fairly hot, but i think that is nothing strange nowaday’s.