Back to Mac: iMovie ’11 Will Have Every Teenager On Earth Making Movie Trailers



The next program in the iLife ’11 suite that Apple will be talking about today is iMovie ’11.

What’s new? According to Steve, iMovie ’11 has all new audio editing for mere mortals who don’t want to invest in Final Cut Pro, as well as one step effects, a people finder, news and sports themes and the ability to create movie trailers.

When it comes to the new audio editing, it is now far more dynamic, allowing users to adjust the levels of just a single segment of video. You don’t have to go into a menu or anything: you can always view audio waveforms to adjust fade-ins and levels.

iMovie ’11 brings real-time addition and editing audio effects, which is pretty fun. There’s also one step effects, which are basically effect macros, allowing you to group a number of changes and edits together, then apply them all at once.

Next is people finder. Apple took the face detection tech out of iPhoto and applied it to video. It can identify groups of people in shots, as well as identify shots that are good for close-ups or wide shots.

Apple’s going to use this technology to make a trailer now. Trailers allows you to apply a template of up to fifteen different movie trailers — many of them very familiar indeed — to a movie project. It’s pretty fun stuff: you get an outline sheet and story board to fill in your trailer, complete with movie-style credits. Dramatic movie score cues are played in the background, composed by the London Symphony Orchestra specifically for iMovie ’11. Making a trailer is as easy as dragging clips into the proper slots for the trailer you choose as appropriate. This looks awesomely fun.

Like iPhoto, iMovie ’11 gets some new sharing options, including Facebook, YouTube, MobileMe and Vimeo.

Fantastic stuff. Next up: GarageBand.