Group: 70 Percent of Companies in 2011 Will Have Macs


Photo by nibaq -
Photo by nibaq -

We’ve seen it in PC versus Mac sales, now a new report claims businesses are opting to buy more Macs than PCs. A quarter of all computers added in the enterprise in 2011 will be Macs, according to the Enterprise Desktop Alliance. Additionally, by next year, 70 percent of businesses will have Macs at the workplace.

“Much of the growth in Macs will happen in organizations that already have Macs installed,” the organization announced in a report. IT managers point to Macs being less expensive to manage, easier to configure and requiring less training and troubleshooting than Windows-based systems.

Earlier this month, AT&T said it will begin selling the iPad to its business customers. “iPad is a great fit for our enterprise customers across a wide range of industries who are looking for ways to increase business productivity and offer greater flexibility,” said Michael Antieri, President, Advanced Enterprise Solutions, AT&T Solutions.

A survey has found 26 percent of mobile workers said they would buy an iPad, particularly if the plan’s cost is picked up by their employer. AT&T announced its plan can be paid for by businesses through a corporate account.

The iPad is just the latest Apple device to be a hit in the corporate boardroom. More than a third of iPhones are bought by business, according to AT&T.

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