Classic Sierra Adventure Titles Coming Soon To Your iPad



If you had a PC in the 1980s, you might have fond memories of playing Sierra’s line-up of classic adventure games: King’s Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Space Quest, etc.

You’ll probably be delighted to learn, then, that these retro classics will soon be coming to the iPad, courtesy of Best of all, they’ll be free.’s owner is Martin Kool, who has programmed a nifty interpreter for the classic Sierra adventure titles using HTML, CSS and Javascript. You can go to his site now and play nine of these games now in any modern browser, but speaking to Touch Arcade, Martin tipped his hat that custom iPad interfaces would be coming to soon… and each game be installable as its own individual icon on the home screen thanks to the iPad’s “Add To Home Screen” functionality.

Pretty cool, provided that Activision’s legal team doesn’t swoop down with a Cease and Desist.. which they will, of course, because they undoubtedly have App Store ambitions of their owns. Fingers crossed that they’re asleep at the wheel for a few months, though: I’d love to go through Space Quest one more time.