Apple and Facebook CEOs Meet For Dinner To Iron Out Ping



Two of the richest men in America met a couple of weeks ago to swirl brandy about the translucent skulls of Peruvian albinos and toast evil, say sources.

Well, actually, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg probably just discussed Ping when the Facebook CEO was invited over to Jobs’ house for dinner and a walk. Close enough.

Apple’s iTunes social network is curiously inert at present, but it’s easy to see how much money could be made integrating iTunes’ systems to purchase recommended music with Facebook’s infrastructure linking and connection its 500 million users with one another.

You might remember that Steve Jobs famously described Facebook’s terms as “too onerous” when questioned about the last minute removal of Facebook integration with Ping. It seems like Jobs is trying to do some schmoozing to make some of those problems go away.

But is blood served fresh from the spleen of a small, soulless child over an evening’s polite conversation really all that’s needed to sway that gross frog demon Zuckerberg? Time will tell.