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Student Hacks iPhone for Longer Battery Life



Atif Shamin, a Phd student in electronics at Carlton University in Canada, has figured out a way of reducing iPhone battery drain.

He’s replaced all the internal wires and PCBs of his iPhone with an antenna.

The swap allows a wireless connection between a micro-antenna embedded within the circuits of the chip.

“This has not been tried before that the circuits are connected to the antenna wirelessly. They’ve been connected through wires and a bunch of other components. That’s where the power gets lost,” Shamim said in an article on the University website.

He estimates that his solution uses 12 times less power than the traditional, wired-transmitter module. That means more juice for the ever-expanding choice in apps.

“It’s a common problem. There are so many applications in the iPhone, it’s like a power-sucking machine,” said Shamim.

He’s filed for patents in the US and Canada, look out for details on his hack in an upcoming issue of Microwave Journal.

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4 responses to “Student Hacks iPhone for Longer Battery Life”

  1. goosesensor says:

    this is old news… and maybe i’m just being picky, but this sentence is horribly inaccurate: “He’s replaced all the internal wires and PCBs of his iPhone with an antenna.”

  2. zahadum says:

    misleading headline …..

    1) this is not a “hack”.

    it is a serious piece of engineering, for which he will recurve a patent.

    a hack is a make-shift that utilizes the existing system for new ends; a hack is not a discrete unit of added value.

    2) he is not just a high school student with a science fair project.

    he is a phd candidate – which means that he probably had nearly a decade of postsecondary education.

    one of the requirements for a phd -unlike a masters- is that the scholar add something new to the stock of human knowledge.

    clearly he has done just that – and he deserved to be accorded the respect that his achievement & title demand.

    he will be called doctor (literally, from the greek, this means learned).

    stop writing such condescending (or is it simply ignorant) headlines!