Thieves smash into Texas Apple store with a truck


Apple Highland Village
Apple Highland Village before the smash-and-go robbery.
Photo: Apple

A gang of thieves used a stolen pickup truck to crash through the glass doors of an Apple Store in Houston last night.

What the bungling burglars hadn’t counted on was the deputy sheriff working as a night watchman in the Texas store.

An Apple Store smash-and-grab

Four men in the truck hit one of the entrances of Apple Highland Village after knocking down a concrete pillar designed to prevent them from doing exactly that, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Even though they gained entrance to the store, they didn’t get much benefit because a Harris County deputy was working overnight security. He confronted the masked men, who grabbed some nearby Apple products, jumped back in the truck and fled. Police later found the vehicle abandoned nearby.

The official website for Apple Highland Village indicates the store was about to undergo some renovations anyway. Presumably that will now include new glass doors and a concrete barrier.

Not all that rare

Criminals are well aware that Apple stores are full of very expensive laptops, phones, tablets and more. That’s why the company’s retail locations are targeted fairly frequently.

In December, thieves armed with a U-Haul truck tried unsuccessfully to drive through the front windows of an Apple Store in Berkeley, California. They were foiled by an inner metal security gate.

A spate of less dramatic grab-and-go robberies at Apple stores last fall resulted in the arrest of 17 people.