Save 74% on a set of sleek, comfortable Bluetooth headphones [Deals]


These comfortable, long-lasting wireless headphones are available for a fraction the usual price.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When it comes to music, nothing makes a bigger difference than getting a good set of headphones. The price tag on most headsets means most of us opt for the more affordable, lower quality alternatives.

The 1VX Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones are, first and foremost, a solid set of headphones. They balance great audio quality, long battery life and great design, all with the convenience of wireless connection to your favorite audio players. A built-in mic means they’re great for hands-free calling, too, so they’re as good for the commute as for listening at home. They’re available in stark black and slate, or hip white and wood finishes.

Buy now: Get a set of 1VX Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones for $24.99. That’s a full 74% off the usual price.