Why’d Jony Ive quit Apple? Troubling details emerge … this week on The CultCast


CultCast 395
Just why did Jony call it quits?

This week on The CultCast: A new report details why Jony Ive is departing Apple, and it paints a troubling picture. Plus, Leander tells us about the “fiddle factor,” the unique quality that made Ive our time’s greatest designer.

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Episode #395 – Why Jony Ive quit: Troubling details emerge…

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This week’s stories

Jony Ive’s absence from Apple caused iPhone X headaches

  • A new report from The Wall Street Journal paints a bleak picture of Jony’s Ive’s departure, saying he’s been drifting away from the company for years. The alleged reason? Apple increasingly fails to take design seriously.

Tim Cook slams alleged rift with Jony Ive as ‘absurd’

Why Apple will miss Jony Ive’s fabulous ‘fiddle factor’

  • The fiddle factor cuts to the heart of Jony Ive’s design genius. In a career spanning 30 years, no designer has been more successful at making computers friendly and approachable, largely by adding tactile elements to his designs.
  • As a design student back in the 1980s, a teenage Jony Ive spent a semester with a design agency in London, the Roberts Weaver Group. One of his first projects was designing a new pen for Japan’s Zebra Co. Ltd., a pen-maker based in Tokyo.