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Tea Party Electoral Rage: There’s an App For That



As New York Times reporter Kate Zernike notes in her new book “Boiling Mad,” a good portion of the Tea Party movement is composed of youthful, tech-savvy hipsters — so it really shouldn’t be surprising that the movement has its own iPhone/iPad app.

The app features top news of interest to members of the movement, polemics from 11 conservative bloggers, Tea Party videos, and wouldn’t be complete with a feature called “Outrage of the Day.”

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Thursday’s “Outrage of the Day” is a story about the Treasury hiring contractors who are well-known for being inept.

And while the app’s promo page promises news from sources other than the infamous “mainstream media,” its news sources, are, in fact, the mainstream media. It’s sources include The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and a group of conservative publications (Since much of the population of the United States is, in fact conservative, conservative publications count as mainstream media.)

But as New Yorker contributor Sean Wilentz notes in his piece this week, the marketing of information as “The Truth,” and “The Inside Scoop,” and “Outside of the Mainstream” is a central part of the driving narrative for people who identify with the Tea Party.

My take is that if you’re conservative, it’s still more fun and informative clicking through the encyclopedic compilation of links compiled by the Drudge Report, which, unlike the Tea Party Memo app (99 cents), is free.