Stay tuned for productivity with custom-curated playlists [Deals]


Gain access to more than 50 channels of custom-curated music designed to help you focus.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

One of the best ways to zone in on the task at hand it to give it a soundtrack. But not all music enhances focus — in fact, often it can be a distraction. Not so when you’ve got a playlist designed for staying productive.

Focus@Will provides custom-curated channels of music that’s been shown through research to reinforce focus. In fact, it’s been shown to increase productivity by as much as 400%, by helping reduce distractions from noisy co-workers, busy office environments or any other shiny object vying for your attention.

The more than 50 channels range from acoustic music to ambient, “alpha chill,” focus spa, classical piano, electro Bach and lots more. Additionally, you can use timed work sessions to make sure you stay on task and on time.

Buy now: Start getting focused today with either a 1-year subscription for $24.95 (original price: $99.95) or a lifetime subscription for $69.95 (originally $299.95) of Focus@Will.