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Hook Your Mac Up To Pretty Much Any Display With Kanex’s New Adapters



If you’re on a Mac, you’ve probably noticed that the connectors needed to hook up an external monitor have changed quite a bit in the last couple of years… especially if you’ve got an older Mac and are trying to hook it up to a new monitor.

Kanex to the rescue, who have just released three new adapters to make it easier to hook any Mac you please up to your sexy new display.

First, there’s the Kanex C247m, a $129 adapter that allows you to connect your older MacBook or Mac Min with a mini DisplayPort connector to one of the sexy new 27-inch Apple Cinema Displays… although sadly, not at full res: it tops out at 1920 x 1200. Otherwise, though, it can handle the built-in iSight and other USB features of the display, including audio.

If you’ve got a DVI port on an older MacBook Pro, a PC or a Mac Mini, there’s the Kanx C247d, also $129, which boasts all the same features as the C247m, just different male and female parts.

Finally, there’s the C30, which allow you to connect a newer Mac with a mini DisplayPort to a display that requires Dual-Link DVI, like the old 30-inch Cinema Display and other models. It’s only $99, and unlike the adapters we just mentioned, it actually supports full resolution on the 30-incher: 2560 x 1600.

The C30 is available now, while the C247m and C247d should land next month.

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