VLC Goes Universal, Coming Soon To iPhones and iPod Touches



Coming about one month after the much heralded first release of their client for the iPad, Applidium has just announced that they will be making their popular VLC video client universal as of the next update.

The update is currently in review by Apple’s team and barring the undercurrent of any private grudges or previously unspoken vendettas, it should be available to download shortly.

The new features include smoother playback by enabling low-level assembly optimizations that will allow VLC to use the ARMv7 core of the A4 CPU as efficiently as possible. Support for more video extensions has been included, and it’s now possible to open attachments from Mail, Safari or other applications directly in VLC.

Sounds great. Unfortunately, the goodness is only applicable to those with iPhones and iPod Touches of the third generation or better: you luddites with your vintage, wood carved iPhones are just out of luck.