Brexiteer doesn’t want her shiny new EU iPad


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The dutiful iPad has found itself in the middle of the United Kingdom’s bitter divide over leaving the European Union.

A freshly sworn-in member of European Parliament cried foul over being issued an iPad, implying to followers on Twitter the device was nothing more than a pricey perk.

But her grandstanding backfired when critics informed her that the iPad is a cost-saving tool for her to do her job.

Annunziata Rees-Mogg may want to put her head down, eyes on the screen, and learn how to use the device.

Apple is a status symbol and the tech giant’s shiny, impeccably designed devices draw criticism as gouging consumers.

iPad: ‘gravy train’ v. productivity

Rees-Mogg clearly thought she could score points with her pro-Brexit followers when she said she was given a “shiny new iPad… for no very obvious reason. We need to leave the corrupt gravy train, as we were promised we would.”

No one expected that Rees-Mogg would have to pay for her own office supplies.

Had Rees-Mogg used her new iPad on a simple internet search, she may have found reports from 2012, when the British parliament’s head of IT reported that iPads used by MPs and staff, were a “major cost savings” to the UK government.

She may also feel better about using the iPad now that she knows members of parliament are required to turn them in when their service is up.