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Analyst: Foxconn To Raises Prices On Apple This Month



If you’ve got the money, you might want to buy any Apple products you’ve got your eye on now: starting next month, all of Apple’s products might get a price jump as their manufacturing partner Foxconn prepares to charge Cupertino more to make their gadgets.

The word comes from Citibank analyst Chang Kaiwei, apparently, although the sole mention of the matter in Reuters‘ report is three levels deep when it comes to sourcing the quote:

Hon Hai, the world’s largest electronic parts maker, will raise prices from October for some clients, including Apple, according to a Citibank analyst, a Taiwan newspaper reported on Wednesday.

It’s unknown exactly how much Foxconn will raise the prices it charges Apple. This might not affect Apple customers at all, as Cupertino makes a tidy bundle of profit with every gadget sold, which should give them some flexibility in the matter.

Still, if you needed an excuse to drop a few thousand now on the Apple toys you’ve been coveting, this report should at least help you frame your excess to your partner as simply being a prudent investment.