Steve Jobs Will Be Featured On Tomorrow Night’s Game Changers



Alright, couch potatoes… set your TiVos to start recording on Thursday, October 14th at 9:00PM ET. That’s the time you can expect the second episode of Bloomberg Game Changers to air, focusing on Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

The episode will feature interviews with many prominent names in Apple history, including Steve Wozniak, John Scully, Robert X. Cringley and Guy Kawasaki. Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and Michael Moritz are also slated to appear.

According to the listings, the episode will detail Jobs’ whole epic history: from the birth of Apple computers in his garage to the time he used a tesseract to transport himself through space-time to defeat the evil alien brain of Camazotz. There’ll probably be stuff about iPods and iPhones and iPads in there too, I guess.