Hot Wheels’ smartest, fastest toys are an Apple exclusive


Get yours from Apple today.
Photo: Mattel

Hot Wheels cars are smarter than ever with the launch of Mattel’s new Smart Track Kit, Race Portal, and “id” vehicles. And you can buy them all exclusively from the Apple Store starting today.

The awesome new toys work alongside an iPhone or iPad to track speed, count laps, and more. And they’re Mattel’s fastest Hot Wheels cars to date.

Kids have been enjoying Hot Wheels toys for 50 years now, while arguing about who has the fastest cars, and whose can jump the furthest. And for the first time, those stats can be proven — thanks to smarter Hot Wheels toys.

The new collection, which consists of a Track Kit, Race Portal, and a growing collection of id vehicles, all work with an iOS device to bring Hot Wheels into the 21st century.

A whole new way to play with Hot Wheels

If you’re new to Hot Wheels, you’ll want to get started with the Smart Track Kit. It includes everything you’ll need to enjoy the very best Mattel has to offer, including the Race Portal, 14 track pieces, a booster, and two cars.

The new track pieces promise the smoothest racing experience yet, with a powerful new booster that will deliver speeds of up to 900 mph (at scale), and the ability to recognize id vehicles.

Throw it all together and combine it with the Hot Wheels id app for iOS, and you’ll have the fastest setup money can buy — with the ability to track speeds and RPMs, lap times, and more.

Upgrade your existing Hot Wheels collection

If you already have a sick Hot Wheels track, you can pick up the Race Portal with two cars by itself. This will allow you to track all the same stats and recognize and upgrade id cars using your existing setup.

There are a ton of id cars to choose from.
Photo: Mattel

You can also purchase id vehicles separately. Each can be scanned using your iOS device and added to your digital garage. There’s a growing collection to choose from — including limited-run designs.

Buy yours from Apple today

Mattel’s new Hot Wheels toys are available exclusively from the Apple Store and starting today. The Smart Track Kit is priced at $179.99, while the Race Portal is $39.99. Single id vehicles will cost you just $6.99.