iPads help refugee children learn new languages


Students learn German language on iPad
iPad helps students in Germany learn a new language.
Photo: Apple

Teachers in Europe dealing with a flood of refugees are successfully teaching children new languages with iPads.

After a school in Germany gave every student in its German-as-a-second-language program an Apple tablet, the graduation rate rose to 100 percent.

Sinaan El Haq Hadjeri, who teaches at Wilhelm Ferdinand Schussler Day School in Dusseldorf, believes these computers help children overcome shyness and fear of looking foolish. He points out, “With iPad … it’s different than when they write something [on paper] and I come in with my red pen and say ‘that’s wrong.’ [With iPad] they learn for themselves.”

Of this school’s 325 students, about 20 percent have to learn German as a new language. There are kids from 39 different countries.

iPad helping students across Europe

At schools in France and Sweden, students still learning the local language get instruction videos on their iPads to watch at home, rather than traditional homework.

And the education goes beyond German or French. Refugee and displaced young women in France are learning Apple’s coding language Swift on tablets to help them gain the skills needed for a career in software development.

Via: Apple