Score the loaded GoPro stabilizer made for action sports [Deals]


Slick Smart GoPro
This rough and ready GoPro stabilizer is made with extreme sports in mind, with tons of features for cinema-quality shots.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

It’s easy to find a stabilizer for GoPro, but not one that keeps up with high intensity activity. If you’re out to document high performance sports and stunts, take a gander at this gimbal.

The Slick Smart GoPro Stabilizer Gimbal keeps your camera safe no matter the crazy situations you want to film (anything involving volcanoes might be an exception). At its base is a standard GoPro mount, so you can use your existing accessories hands-free wherever you mount it. Additionally though, Slick includes tons of features for capturing cinema-quality footage. That includes pan, lock and follow modes, and a rotating time lapse feature that rotates the GoPro on 3-axes, creating a slow-rotating video effect. Even better, you can record for up to 4 hours on a single charge, with a convenient MicroUSB recharge port.

Buy now: Pick up a Slick Smart GoPro® Stabilizer Gimbal for $269. That’s 10% off the usual price.