Apple Awarding Patent For Filtering Sexting Messages



Apple has been awarded a patent for filtering objectionable text messages, better known as sexting.

The new patent, “Text-based communication control for personal communication device,” was granted on Tuesday by the U.S. Patent Office.

It describes an intelligent control unit or app that filters text messages if they contain “objectionable” content.

Designed to give parents more control over their children’s’ text messages, the system can also be set up to check spelling, grammar and punctuation. If kids grades are dropping at school, parents can block messages unless they are grammatical and free of spelling errors. Likewise, the sytem can check for foreign language words, so if the child is suposed to learning Spanish, it will only send messages that contain a minimum number of Spanish words.

Who said Apple has authoritarian tendencies?

Via iSmashiPhone. Thanks Mike!

  • Adams_999

    Well, that will be a great thing. It’s important to keep our kids away from pornographic videos and nude pictures.
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