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This laptop stand hides underneath your MacBook [Deals]


MOFT- The _Invisible_ Laptop Stand
Stick a slim, lightweight laptop stand right to the bottom of your laptop.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you’re a mobile worker, you need a lift for your laptop so that your neck doesn’t get a permanent crease. But laptops are supposed to be portable, and most laptop stands are anything but that. But thanks to clever origami-style engineering, the MOFT hides right underneath your laptop.


MOFT is a lightweight, adhesive laptop stand ideal for the mobile worker. Its slim, felt design is undetectable and even protects the bottom of your computer until deployed. It attaches and detaches easily, and despite being made of thin, lightweight fabric, it’s strong enough to hold up to 18 lbs for a laptop up to 15.6 inches. You can also set it at two distinct angles, so it’s adaptable as well as portable. This is basically the ideal form factor for a laptop stand, no wonder it’s raised a million dollars on Indiegogo.

Buy now: Pick up a MOFT “Invisible” Laptop Stand for $19.99. That’s 16% off the usual price.