MagSafe Might Be Coming To The iPad 2 and iPhone 5



Love your MacBook’s MagSafe adapter? Good news: it might be coming to the next iPhone or iPad.

MagSafe connectors for Apple’s mobile devices was first spotted by Patently Apple, who noticed it lodged deep in Apple’s patent filings.

There’s nothing spectacularly interesting in the filings themselves: it’s pretty easy to imagine charging your iPhone with a smaller MagSafe.

Perhaps more interesting, though, is the timing: Patently Apple notes that the patent was only filed in June of this year, but on October 7th, the USPTO published a continuation application for the same. Apple’s pushing hard for this, which means these might not be just the standard CYA patents with little chance of becoming actual products that we usually talk about: MagSafe might be coming to the iPad 2 or iPhone 5.

Sounds good to me, providing Apple’s also found a way to let MagSafe sync.