Jobs Ranks No. 2 In Survey Of Most-Liked CEOs



Although some are questioning how long Steve Jobs will continue to lead Apple, the Cupertino chief executive ranks No. 2 in a list of most-like company leaders.

Jobs had a 90 percent approval rating by participants in the first-ever survey by review site Glassdoor. Jobs garnered 290 reviews, far above the 50 needed to qualify.

Art Levinson, CEO of biotech firm Genentech, was ranked No. 1 most-liked boss with 93 percent approval.

Jobs beat Eric Schmidt, CEO of Internet Google, who had 88 percent approval.

Office Depot CEO Steve Odland ranked as the least-liked CEO, obtaining just 4 percent approval from reviewers.

2 responses to “Jobs Ranks No. 2 In Survey Of Most-Liked CEOs”

  1. A says:

    Lol, anybody know where bill gates is on the list?