Are Slide-On Cases Cracking Your iPhone 4? [Take The Poll]


Photo by edwardshepard -

Slide-on cases may be causing big problems for the iPhone 4, GDGT reports. It seems grit and other particles can become trapped between the case and the iPhone 4’s glass back, causing scratches, cracks and even shattering the glass. According to sources inside and outside the company, Apple has locked-down a team of engineers to investigate the problem before it turns into another PR disaster like Antennagate.

It’s unclear, however, how widespread this problem is. Or even if it is a problem. I have an iPhone 4 and have used several slide-on cases. I haven’t had issues with scratching or trapped dirt.

So, please help us, is this problem? Don’t forget, this is specifically about scratches caused by slide-on cases — not scratches in general.

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