Leaked Motorola Razr actually looks pretty amazing


The new Razr has a different take on folding displays.
Photo: Motorola

Motorola is about to attempt a big comeback into the smartphone market and folding displays could be the key to making the company relevant again.

Leaked images of an alleged Motorola Razr have surfaced online revealing significant changes made to one of the most popular phones ever. While we can’t verify whether or not the image above is authentic, we have to admit, it actually looks pretty amazing.

The image shows the folding Razr with a similar body design as the V3 that came out in the mid-2000s. Instead of having a T9 keyboard on the bottom half with a display on the top half, the updated Razr’s body is dominated by one large display that can be folded down into a clamshell phone.

Folding phones on the rise

Leaked images that first surfaced on Weibo have since been taken down. We can’t see the front of the device, but rumors have claimed it will have a small display on the front. The packaging comes in the form of a prism-shaped box with a bunch of accessories, including a wireless charging stand and a bunch of cables.

Motorola confirmed earlier this year that it’s working on an updated Razr. A release date for the device hasn’t been announced. Given the troubles Samsung is having with the Galaxy Fold, we wouldn’t be surprised if Motorola decides to take a little extra time to make sure the folding display doesn’t have any unexpected issues.

Pretty much every Android smartphone manufacturer has teased a smartphone with a folding display this year. All of them have different designs, with most focusing on unfolding a regular-sized display into a bigger tablet-sized display. Motorola’s folding Razr takes the opposite approach and makes the device more compact and easier to carry.

Apple is also supposedly researching folding smartphones. Very little information about Apple’s prototypes have been leaked, other than through patent filings. The company isn’t expected to debut its folding iPhone until 2020 or 2021 at the earliest.