Chimp scrolling Instagram on iPhone proves it’s just like us


chimp on instagram
Can scroll and swipe with the best of them.
Screenshot: Mike Holston/Instagram

DNA tells us that of the creatures in the animal kingdom, we are most closely related to chimpanzees.

Watching a chimp scrolling through Instagram on an iPhone should erase any lingering doubts.

The chimp looked no different than any of us in the video posted on Instagram by Miami zookeeper and wildlife educator Mike Holston who goes by the @therealtarzan.

If Holston’s friend was obsessing about likes, the digital universe’s love for cute animal videos came through with more than half a million likes and 1.4 million views in just four days.

Holston, who works for the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, Florida, is a rising media darling, drawing comparisons to the late Steve Irwin. He has 5.2 million followers on Instagram, has been profiled in a number of news articles and was a guest on the Ellen show.

Like Irwin before him, Holston has also drawn criticism from animal rights groups who view his posing with animals as sending a message that wild animals are pets or “selfie props.”

As for the chimp, it seemed content with Holston’s iPhone and appeared to tap, swipe and scroll like its human relative. The minute-long video below shows an engaged chimp.

Source: 9To5Mac