Dimensions Turns iPhone, iPod Touch into a Toolbox



Dimensions is a virtual toolbox offering a bakers’ dozen of functional tools animated with gorgeous 3D graphics that turn your Apple mobile device into something far more useful than any other cameraphone/musicplayer/gamestation-computer could hope to be.

Among the things you can do are:

*     Use the caliper to measure to a precision of 0.156mm or 0.006 of an inch.
*     A flexible tape measure lets you measure interior furniture, fabric and more up to 2.5 meters or 8        feet.
*     Another tape measure handles interior and exterior distances up to 5 meters or 16 feet.
*     A third measuring tool uses the iPhone’s camera to measure distances up to 25 meters, or 82 feet.
*     Distances over 80 feet, up to a mile, can be calculated with the measuring wheel.
*     The podometer uses GPS location services to measure thousands of miles or kilometers.

All calculations can be rendered in metric or Imperial scales. Dimensions was 2008’s best selling app in AppStores France and Italy, the #2 seller in Japan, Belgium and Switzerland, according to advertising placed by its developer, pocketDEMO.

And here we are in the US spending all our money on Sim City and Pull My Finger – it’s no wonder we’re a laughingstock in Europe.

$2 at the AppStore. C’mon, people – get to work!

Calculator Caliper Compass
Level Long Tape Measure Podometer

2 responses to “Dimensions Turns iPhone, iPod Touch into a Toolbox”

  1. bluemarlin1402 says:

    I bought this app after seeing it on cultofmac. This is the STUPIDEST app I’ve ever seen!

    To use the tape measure you measure your foot, then walk “foot to foot” tapping the iphone for each step taken. You then hit “calculate” and it multiplies the number of steps taken by the length of your foot. Come on! This is ridiculous.